2010 Ducati Monster 1100 S

2010 Ducati Monster 1100 S

2010 Ducati Monster 1100 S

2010 Ducati Monster S

So I show up early for my appointed time to test out the new Ducati Hypermotard 796 and was asked if I wanted to jump in the test ride group that was about ready to leave.  I’ll ride just about anything so the answer was a resounding “yes”!  The 2010 Ducati Monster 1100 S was the only bike left so I jumped on quickly, as the rest of the group was already mounted up and ready to ride.  All I can say is WOW!

The Ducati Monster line has been the mainstay for the Ducati Company for many years.  The Monster can best be described as a modern Standard motorcycle that can be used as a daily commuter and then surf the curved pavement in the evening and on the weekends.  While the 1100 S doesn’t have the horsepower numbers of the Super Naked class, horsepower isn’t the only element of performance a motorcycle should be measured by.  In the case of the Monster 1100 S it’s the combination of performance features that make this bike something one could get into a lot of trouble with.  For starters, the engine has torque curve that’s almost flat.  At just 3,500 rpm torque is just over 65lb-ft and peaks at 75.9lb-ft at 6,000rpm.  At a peak horsepower of 95, which hits at 7,000rpm, the torque is still over 65lb-ft.  In other words, if you twist the throttle at any point above 3,500rpm the Monster will pull your arms hard, while the front wheel skims the pavement.  No wind-up required.

The engine is only part of the package.  The 1100 S is loaded with top of the line performance parts like fully adjustable Ohlins front suspension and Ohlins adjustable monoshock can be found in the rear.  Brembo brakes will slow this bike down faster then the engine can wind it up.  Did I mention that this bike weighs in at 370 lbs dry?

Best of all, the Monster 1100 S has that “Italian” look and the sound of the L-Twin Desmodromic engine is unique and sweet to the ears.

Now this Monster, like every motorcycle, has some downsides.  The fuel cell is small at 3.8 gallons and the seat could be a little more comfortable.  No big deal, because by the time your backside needs a break it will be time for more fuel.

Go ride a Ducati Monster 1100 S and feel what fun is!

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