ICON Insulated Denim Pant

I've been a fan of the ICON products for a while now as I find them to be functional, affordable and the ICON line suites my style.  As I ride all year long, I'm always on the look out for clothing that keeps me warm.  ICON filled my need with their ICON Barrier Pant, that has been replaced with the Icon Insulated Denim Pant.  This pant, according to the ICON website, is made out of heavy 14 ounce denim, Aramid reinforced knee and hip panels and a removable, insulated, washable lining.  The removable lining is the main difference between the Insulated Denim Pant and the Barrier Pant.

Specifics aside, these pants will keep you warm in freezing temperatures and you won't feel the chill of the wind as you speed along the highway or take a leisurely ride through the countryside.  The pant provides comfortable movement while riding and look like jeans, only warmer and with better protection.  The ICON Insulated Denim Pant, along with the other ICON products can be seen at www.rideicon.com.



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