Air Injection

What does a motorcycle need to go and go fast?  You might be surprised that the answer is air, and lots of it.  The more air that can be crammed into a cylinder with each stroke the better.  We humans are not any different, and this is what this post is about.

One of my favorite sensations is cool air being forced into my lungs when riding.  It makes me feel alive!  So far I’ve not found anything else that gives me that feeling, that rush of air going through my nostrels and into my lungs.  It wakes me up and makes the day go so much better.

No matter what I ride or where I ride, it’s the simple pleasures, like the feel and smell of the air, I love the most.  As more riders are getting back on their motorcycles with the return of nice weather (for some parts of the country at least) take the time enjoy the simple sensations that only riding can bring and remember why you starting riding in the first place.

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