Alcohol, The Drink of Death!

Don’t drink and ride!  Don’t do it, it isn’t worth it!  Hell, for that matter don’t drink and drive, not even after just one!

Not that long ago two local riders were knocking back some suds at their favorite establishment and then tried to ride home.  They hadn’t gone far before they crashed into each other and both ended up in a heap on the side of the highway.  Both survived, sort of, but the cost of their afternoon out will take a long time to pay down.

On a personal level, both riders will ride again, but for one the road to recovery will take several months and he will probably walk with pain the rest of his life.  Both riders were charged with impaired driving (riding) and in our area that brings a minimum 1-year license suspension automatically.  It could be more.

On a money level, both motorcycles (custom Harley Davidson’s) were badly damaged.  It’s going to cost a lot to fix them, if they can be fixed at all.  If the two riders are convicted of the impaired charges then their insurance company will likely try to get out of paying.  Legal fees could run into the thousands of dollars before this is over.

I could go into all the data alcohol related accidents and the details about how alcohol effects judgment and reaction time but we all know it.  The news is filled with ads and news reports about it.  It’s real!  In short, choose not to drink and ride.  Make that choice before you leave the house and stick to it.  If you want to go out and have a drink, take a cab or walk.  The cost is nothing compared to your life and the lives you may wreck if you don’t.

Ride safe!

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