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Thank You Harley Davidson

I received a pleasant little surprise in the mail today.  It was a gift card from Harley Davidson for $100.00 toward a rental of a Harley Davidson motorcycle from an authorized dealer. 

Now I’ve been at this long enough to understand this little gesture is marketing.  I also know that it’s brilliant and something no one else, to my knowledge at least, is doing.  This little gesture cost the Motor Company very little to produce and send out compared to other forms of advertising and I also believe it will work.

Here’s the deal.  The best way to sell a motorcycle is to get people to ride it.  Experiencing the sound, smell and feel of a motorcycle first hand will get someone whipping out their credit card to put a down payment faster then any other method and the only way to get someone who isn’t in the market, into the market.  You can imagine all you want how it will make you feel cruising down the road or carving the corners but it’s never as good as the real thing.  The sound of the engine after you’ve thumbed the starter, feeling and hearing first gear being engaged and the sensation of accelerating, slowly at first, out of the parking lot and onto the road.

Important Motorcycles for 2011

Yesterday was the end of the year and the end of the decade and it’s now 1/1/11.  In motorcycle land 2011 brings the hope of better times then 2010, at least for some.

In 2011, here are the ten (10) motorcycles I feel will boost the interest and sales for their brand.

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