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So Junior Want's To Ride!

I grew up riding motorcycles by my three children had no interest in riding at all, until now.

Last week my 18 year-old son made the declaration that we wants to get his motorcycle license.  His mother’s response was “HELL NO”!  Well, at least that’s what she meant after 15 minutes (really) of telling him and me why this was a bad idea.  After the dreaded “well what do you think?” question, I sucked it up and outlined what he needed to do to get on a bike. 

  1. He needed to go to the motor vehicle department and get the study guide and pass the written test.  For my son this will be a true test of how serious he really is.  He hates reading and studying.
  2. If he passes step #1, I told him I would get him the right gear and sign him up for the MSF RiderCourse.
  3. Once step #2 is complete, he’ll have to pass his skills test, which is a requirement for the next phase of the graduated licensing program where we live.
  4. After step #3 is completed we will go shopping for his first motorcycle.

Now step #4 will be fun for me, even though I’m going to be having some “interesting” discussions with his mother over which motorcycle he’ll be riding.  You see, she looks on the outside and if it looks fast, she wants no part of it.  But that’s another story all together.   Now, he’s 18 and wants some style, but has never ridden a motorcycle so to get him onto something with too much power isn’t a good idea.  So far here’s the bikes we’re looking out.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Honda CBR 250R

Honda CRF230M

Hyosung GT250R

There may be a few more that make the list and I’ll be updating the blog as this process evolves, including the concerns of a worried mother.


Why did I start this website “Which Motorcycle For Me”? 

At first it was simply to help you choose a motorcycle that you’ll be happy with and enjoy riding.  This isn’t easy as there are so many nice motorcycles out there and people want different things from their motorcycle.  To make things even more confusing, many of you probably think you know what you want, but once you bring home that “perfect” ride find that it’s really not you at all.  Because of this challenge I’ve been spending way too much time on the enjoying part of riding and not enough on the choosing part because the enjoying part is easy.  Starting now, I’ll spend more time on the choosing part.

So, why do I want to help you choose the right motorcycle?  It’s simple, I love riding and want other riders, or possible riders, to love riding as much as I do and the right motorcycle is a big part of the experience.  If you don’t enjoy your motorcycle, you really won’t enjoy riding and that’s not what I want to see.  Here are a couple of first hand stories to prove my point.

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