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Perception Revisited

In June of 2009 I wrote a blog that was titled Perception vs. Reality, with the post of the post being that perception and reality often aren’t the same.  Today, almost 12 months later, the happenings in the motorcycle world truly show that perception and reality are quite different.

For years Kawasaki was 3rd out of the four major Japanese motorcycle companies doing business in North America, behind Honda and Yamaha, in market share.  That all changed in the 1st quarter of 2010 when Kawasaki leaped into 1st among the Big Four.  The perception would be that Kawasaki is building better motorcycles then the other three.  The reality is that Kawasaki has been focusing over the past 3 to 4 years on building motorcycles that are functional, reliable, fun and affordable and are not available from the other manufactures.  Sure Kawasaki builds sport bikes, cruisers and dirt bikes like everyone else but their growth has not come from these markets.  Instead the growth has come by way of sales of the Ninja 250R, KLR 650 and Versys 650.  Now these motorcycles are by no means at the leading edge of technology, but they are functional, easy to ride by beginners and fun for even the most experienced riders.

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