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Let's Play A Game

Let’s play a brand word game.  The rules are simple, have 30 seconds to write down as many things that come to mind about the following brands.  That’s 30 seconds for each brand.




Harley Davidson





Moto Guzzi


MV Agusta





So, how did you do?

If you put something down for each brand (“I don’t know or something to that effect doesn’t count) give your self a pat on the back and then get a life.  Just kidding (sort of).

Here’s what my answers were and as my wife can confirm, I don’t have much of a life outside of my two-wheel obsession.


Green, Ninja, Jammin Jimmy Weinert, James Stewart, KX.


YZ, Bob Hannah, Kenny Roberts, Mono Shock, Yellow, Tuning Fork logo.


RM, GSXR, Red “S”, Roger De Coster.

Harley Davidson

American Flag “1”, The Harley Shield, V-Twin, a biker who hung out at the local pizza parlor when I was a kid, Racing Orange, Evel Knievel, Electra Glide, flat track racing, XR 750.


Funky looking motorcycles, air cooled V-Twin in a sport bike, sold at Harley Davidson, interesting innovations, lots of torque.

Where are the kids?

Where’s the new blood in motorcycling?  Where are the “kids”?

According to J.D. Powers and several insurance companies the average age of those who purchase and license motorcycles is getting older.  In the J.D. Powers report the average went from 40 years old in 2001 to 47 in 2008.  Guess what? Motorcycling is middle aged!

I’m not knocking the middle aged, hell I’m middle aged, it’s just that motorcycling needs to attract more young riders in order to thrive.  So where are the younger riders?  They’re watching TV, texting their friends and on the computer.  Sometimes all at the same time.  The freedom of movement in the form of driving or riding isn’t high on their priority list.  Hell, I had to almost bribe my kids to practice driving so they would pass their drivers road test.  When I was their age, all I wanted was to get my drivers license.  It was my way to freedom.

We live in a different time and with the many different ways to keep in contact with friends and discover the wonders of the world in the comfort of your room, the younger generation isn’t as motivated to “get out”.  Motorcycling has always been about adventure, freedom and thrills but Generation Y on average gets their kicks digitally. 

Go Ride Your Motorcycle

If you're reading this I hope it's dark out, raining or at the very least you're at work (did I really say that).  If not, what the hell are you doing on your computer?  Get out and ride!  There are only so many good days of riding that many of us get each year and they shouldn't be wasted.  Simply put, if the sun is shining go riding!

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