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My Friend Geoffrey

In my line of work (yes I do have a day job) I meet many interesting people and Geoffrey is one of them.  I first met Geoffrey when he was 75 years old, 17 years ago, and found out he rode everywhere on his motorcycle and in almost every type of weather condition, with the exception of snow and ice.  Geoffrey was also into computers and writing stories about his adventures in Africa when he was a young man, many of which involving motorcycles.  As a raw 28 year-old that was just out of school I was impressed. 

Over the years I learned more about Geoffrey’s life.  He was born in England and flew Spitfires in WW2.  He then spent time in Africa working and exploring, traveling mostly on his motorcycle.  He moved to Canada sometime in the 1960’s and raised a family.  By the time I first met him his wife had passed away and his children were grown and had moved away.  Geoffrey is also one of the happiest people I know.  Every time he’s in my office he’s smiling and always asks how everyone is doing.  He reflects on his life like he’s been blessed and I don’t think I’ve ever heard him complain.

We're Outnumbered!

On my way to work today I counted 11 motorcyclists that went past going the opposite direction.  Woo hoo!  On a 50-mile stretch of road that’s loaded with local and vacation traffic at this time of year I saw only 11 motorcycles. 

Earlier in the month, I was driving with the family in the family cage and was a little bored so I began counting the number of cars and motorcycles over a 10-mile stretch of road.  The first count found 7 motorcycles and 200 cars.  I made the same count on the way back home and the numbers were 5 motorcycles and 315 cars.

To say we’re outnumbered is an understatement!

It’s safe to say that less then 3% of the vehicles on the road are motorcycles during the best time of the year for riding, summer.  The numbers will drop significantly as the fall and winter season comes, depending on where you live of course.

So what’s the point? 

The point is there are not enough of us out on the road to form cliques.  We have the Harley riders (not all) who will only recognize those on Harley’s.  We have the sport bike riders (again, not all) who will only recognize those on sport bikes, we have BMW riders (not all) who only recognize those who ride BMW’s because every thing else out there is junk and we have… You get the idea.  Sure, much of this comes from the manufacturers who want you to belong to their clique.  They sell motorcycles that way.  The rest comes from riders who have a “club” mentality and membership in the club is based on what you ride.  All of this would be fine if there were more of us who ride motorcycles, but there isn’t.

The morons are on vacation!

I’m on my way home from a nice Saturday afternoon ride and the only road into town is a nice two lane that is filled with people on vacation this time of year.  Anyway, I’m following a car that’s just signalled to make a right hand turn onto a side road.  The car gets as far over to the right as possible to allow the traffic behind him to keep going without stopping.  So far, so good.  As I’m passing this car to the left, the car behind me passes me on the left, going into on-coming traffic, and then proceeds to cut me off getting back into the correct side of the road before being hit head on.  Needless to say I’m pissed!

After getting my heart rate down to sub-humming bird speed and shouting a few choice words, which no one could hear, I saw that the moron was not from these parts and was probably on his way to the coast to see what real waves look like.  From his license plate I also knew this particular breed of moron would morph into a wimp once he hit the mountain corners and I would get my chance to show him how I felt about being cut off. 

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