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How To Get More People Riding Motorcycles

How do you get more people riding motorcycles?  That’s the question everyone in the industry needs to answer and answer quickly.  In order to sell more motorcycles, parts and accessories, more riders, new riders, are necessary.  How is this going to happen? 

The marketing and advertising experts would love to increase their budgets but that will only peak the interest of those who want to get into motorcycles, but it won’t get most of them in.  Why?  Fear!  Fear of the motorcycle, fear of not knowing how to ride and even worse a fear they won’t be able to learn.  This fear keeps most of us from trying new things.

I learned to ride when I had no fear.  I was 5 years old at the time.  Most aren’t so fortunate and have never been on a motorcycle in their life.  They are the one’s the industry needs to attract.  Again, the question is how?

Here’s how.  Create an environment where a new rider can experience riding in a controlled setting, with qualified people to help them out.  Once a person has their fear reduced, mainly by taking the “unknown’s” out of the equation, they now have some confidence to keep going.  There are so many different ways to do this and people that would love to share their experiences with others.  It’s just a matter of putting it all together.  For some just the simple act of taking them for a ride might just be enough to get them hooked.

Lose The Watch!

I like watching movies that make me laugh and one of my favorites is Wild Hogs.  Is it reality?  Of course it isn’t.  Anyway, the one line in the movie that I found has some meaning is when Damian Blaine, the character played by Peter Fonda, told the Wild Hogs to “lose the watches”. 

If you’re like me, your days are filled with schedules.  From work to school to taking the kids to their activities and picking them up, our lives are controlled by schedules.  We set schedules to manage our time, but the reality is that in the end schedules control us and not the other way around. To be blunt, schedules suck!

Remember when you were a kid and time wasn’t an issue?  You went out to play and didn’t come in until mom yelled that it was time for dinner.  OK, I’m over 40 and that’s the way I remember it being.

Schedules are a necessary evil in life, but I’m of the opinion they should only be for work, school and taking motorcycles in for service.  For everything else, don’t set schedules!  Lose the watch and enjoy life!  Get on your bike and go for a ride.  Come home when it’s dark or when it’s time for dinner.  Stop and have a coffee, watch the clouds go by, watch people rushing to their appointments, let life come to you.  Doing this feels very wrong at first.  You’ll feel like there’s something you should be doing or that you’re being “lazy”.  That’s OK, you’ve been programmed to feel this way and it will take a while to reprogram.  The more you get off the schedules, the more relaxed you’ll feel and time will stand still.

American Bombshell

There’s nothing finer then a beautiful girl posing on a motorcycle and Harley Davidson has taking this concept to another level with their Military Appreciation campaign.  Taking a page out of the 1940’s military Pin-Up Girl posters, the folks at The Motor Company have created a series of posters, cards and wallpapers using spokes model Marisa Miller posing on a few of the 2010 Harley Davidson motorcycles.  Brilliant and Beautiful!

If you haven’t already stumbled on to website, it can be found at Harley Davidson Military Appreciation.

While your on the site take few minutes to send a “Thank You” to those who are putting it on the line every day before you enjoy the “American Bombshell”, Marisa Miller.

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