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The True Posers

I’m not a big fan of Posers but I’m afraid that some people that I’ve considered to be Posers really aren’t.  Let me explain.

Every year our little local community hosts a Toy Run in mid September.  We’ve been very fortunate that for the past few years the weather has been great and the event drew over 1,200 bikes in 2008 and 2009.  Every year I see people I know decked out in the leathers and bandannas, looking very much the part of a “biker” when in their “normal” live they wear suites.  Until this year I’ve considered many of these people to be Posers. 

What changed my definition was the 2010 Toy Run.  The forecast was for rain and it was spot on.  The ride to the marshaling area was wet and it drizzled most of the morning.  The bike count was down as a result of the weather, with just over 650 riders showing up.  Included in those numbers was many of the leather-clad crew that I’ve considered to be Posers.  As the 20 mile run began, the rain became more intense and for those who didn’t bring wet weather riding gear it couldn’t have been much fun.  As we neared our destination the rain stopped and there were breaks in the clouds, letting the sun shine through.  A great finish to a wet riding day. 

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