Day Tripping

You have a day off and know the weathers going to be great so what are you going to do? 

If you said “yard work” or some other form of “I would rather be doing something else then this” task, please, please, keep reading.  If you said “I’m going riding”, keep reading anyway as you may still get something out of this.

If you’re like me you probably have enough things on your “to do” list to last a couple of life times, let alone the one life that each of us gets.  In fact that damn “to do” list is probably sucking the life right out of you, so get your life back and go for a ride on your day off.  Not just any ride mind you but a road trip.

Now in order to get some of your life back this road trip must have some adventure built in to so ride somewhere different.  Here’s how you do it.

Call up one of the online mapping web sites like those that can be found on Google or Yahoo and type in your address.  Next, scale the map so you can see at least 100 miles in any direction from your house.  Now plot out a route that will take you through at least 2 places you’ve never been before or haven’t been to for several years.  If possible, your return route should be different.  Once you’ve done this, don’t let that “to do” list keep you home. 

I’m not much of a planner when it comes to day trips, other than picking spots on the map, as this makes the adventure experience more fun.  I do have some tips to pass along though.

1.  Pick a riding distance that you’re comfortable with and go a little further.

2.  Stay off the highways!  Enjoy the two lane roads and the little towns that are connected by them.

3.  Take a camera.  You’re more likely to stop and enjoy what you find along the way by taking pictures.

4.  Stop and have coffee or grab a snack several times on your trip.

5.  Ask the “locals” about their town.  People love talking about where they live and you will enjoy it.

6.  Don’t be in a hurry!  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rip up the road from time to time though.

Trust me, after one of these day trips you will be looking forward to your next day off and will be planning a different adventure.  Enjoy!

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