Does Not Ride Well With Others or Choose Your Riding Friends Wisely

Earlier this summer I was tempted to join a motorcycle riders club.  You know the type of club where riders get together in a parking lot somewhere and take a ride to a planned destination, have coffee and then ride home.  Kind of like Wild Hogs, but with more people.

After last weekend, the temptation has passed and to be blunt there’s no way in hell I’ll join a riders club.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and I’d fired up my Roadliner for a 120-mile afternoon cruise.  The road that leads out of town is filled with corners, elevation changes and scenery that tourists plan months to come and see.  It’s a riders dream!  Anyway, I’m having a fun time powering up the hill when I caught up with a local riders club.  They were all on cruisers of various makes and all dressed the part of the leather-clad biker.  They were riding in staggered formation and I couldn’t believe how slow they were riding, especially around the corners.  In fact when they hit the corners the lead rider would put up his arm to indicate that the formation should go single file. 

After about 20 minutes of following this group and wanting nothing more then to let the Roadliner loose, we reached a passing lane and I was gone.  I did give a courtesy wave as I rocketed past them. 

Now I’m not against riding clubs.  They provide a social setting for many bikers to meet others with the same needs and likes and can be a great “out” for some.  They’re just not for me.  I would go crazy if I had to ride in a pack like the one I trailed all day.  To me that’s not what riding is all about.

I will occasionally ride with friends, but my friends who ride have the same style as I do.  Fast paced and stop only for the essentials.  Most of the time though, I ride alone.  I choose the pace, where I go and how long I’m gone.  For me riding is all about the ride and locking out everything else.  It’s meditation on two wheels.

Lets Ride!

Gerald Tree

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