Go Play In Traffic

I’m writing the blog entry “Keep it Simple” and it occurred to me that I don't remember which side of my brain is the creative side and which side is the analytical side.  So I Google the "brain" and begin reading about how our brain functions and quickly read through some “exciting” sites to re-learn this information.  In short, our left brain is the analytical side and the right side is creative and loves to have fun.  Unfortunately for many of us, myself included, the right brain is overpowered by the analytical left brain and our creativity and ability to have fun suffers.  So what can you do?  I’m no expert, but my research leads me to conclude that we must ride more, especially on twisting roads and in moving traffic!

Hopefully most of you have already grabbed your helmet and are out the door, but for those who are still being controlled by your left brain here’s why you need to go riding.  The act of controlling something that’s moving, whether it's a bicycle, car or a motorcycle is performed by our right brain.  Our analytical left brain is too slow to make the necessary decisions and body movements to safely control a moving vehicle.  This is why when we go riding we feel relaxed.  All the worries our left brain has are put on hold as it has to let the right brain take control.   Once our right brain takes control we relax, have more fun and start to have creative ideas.  The longer our right brain is in control the better our ideas could become.  We could solve some problems that have bothered us and perhaps realize that some of these problems aren’t that big of a deal after all.  At the very least you’re going to have some fun.

For those who are still not convinced, follow these simple instructions.

1.  Grab your riding gear and put it on.

2.  Take the keys to your motorcycle and go start it.

3.  Get on your motorcycle and go for a 30 minute or longer ride.

4.  Make sure you ride through some corners or in light traffic.

When you get home you will feel relaxed and may have a new insight into a problem you’ve been trying to solve or an idea that will help you do something better.  What do you have to lose?

Lets Ride!

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