Is it a motorcycle or a computer?

My wife’s car is a rolling tub of electronics and computers.  When I take it to the shop for service the “mechanic” plugs it into the shop computer for program updates and to locate any problems and analyze what service needs to be done.  The only mechanical work that gets done is the oil change and tire rotation.  If something does happen to squeak or rattle, which the computer can’t pick up, heaven forbid if you don’t have a mechanic who is actually a mechanic.  

When Toyota began recalling cars due to problems that either has been traced back to the onboard electronics or computers, it wasn’t that big a surprise.  Computers and electronics are great but they are prone to glitches or failure more frequently then the mechanical parts of the car.  Even worse, the glitches can be difficult to find, let alone fix.

Motorcycles are becoming more advanced and are being loaded with more electronics and computers then ever before.  This is exciting because of the performance improvements that are now possible.  At the same time it’s also a cause for concern because the electronics may be prone to glitches or failure, just like their auto counterparts. 

If you do happen to own or are thinking of getting one of the high tech bikes that are on the market, don’t forget how to ride or forget to listen to your instincts.  If something doesn’t feel or sound right, it probably isn’t.  Electronics and computers are great, but I wouldn’t bet my life on them and neither should you.

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