Is Blue The New Black?

The "Black" Sea

I knew I was unique, but not too unique until this past weekend.  Now I’m in a crowd of over 1,000 riders at a local Toy Run and one of my friends, who I didn’t ride to the event with, came up to say “hello”.  I told him that he was lucky to find me out of all the people and he quickly told me that it was easy.  “You’re the only one wearing blue.”  So I looked around and saw a sea of black.  Ok, perhaps there were a few other blue riding jackets around, but not many. 

Now I wear what I like and that happens to be a blue and white Icon Merc jacket with Icon riding jeans.  They’re comfortable and I like how they look, regardless of what others think.  As it turns out wearing basic blue and jeans also makes me stand out in a crowd of motorcyclists.  Who knew?

Years ago, black leathers were worn by those who wanted to portray a “bad boy” image, even if they were actually good.  It was a way of look unique and drawing attention, which at the time it did.  Not so today.  We have so many people wanting to be the “bad” boys and girls that going to a motorcycle event, like a toy run, is not much different then attending a convention of lawyers.  Everyone’s wearing the same suit and trying hard not to look different.

So here’s the deal, wear what you want.  Black, blue, red, yellow, pink, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s truly “you”.  If you happen to stand out, perfect!  Just remember life’s too short to pretend to be someone you’re not.

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