Keep It Simple

I’m reading through a review of the 2009 Ducati Monster 696, Ducati’s entry level and best selling motorcycle.  Now my left brain, you know the half that is logical, calculating and sometimes boring, is trying to locate the details of this motorcycle.  You know, the facts.  What’s the horsepower and torque?  What components are on the motorcycle and are they adjustable?  How does the motorcycle stack up against other motorcycles in its class?  Those facts.  Now if I were to take what my left brain had to say about this little Ducati, and I often go with my left brain, I would have stopped and moved on to the next review before the end of the article.  My right brain, however, is getting excited!  It’s reading words like “fun”, “smile” and the “Ducati sound”.  My right brain is also seeing the Ducati symbol and the distinct Monster style and likes it a lot.

Too often we, and I include myself in this, pay too much attention to our logical left brain when it comes to what we do.  Now for some things, like personal finance, this isn’t a bad thing.  For motorcycling, however, our left brain needs to take a “time out”.  The motorcycle you purchase should be one that puts a smile on your face every time you see it and that smile should grow as you hear the engine fire up.  That smile should turn to maniacal laughter as you twist the throttle and head out on the road. 

Technology and refinement be damned, motorcycling is a right brain activity!

Lets Ride!

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