My Friend Geoffrey

In my line of work (yes I do have a day job) I meet many interesting people and Geoffrey is one of them.  I first met Geoffrey when he was 75 years old, 17 years ago, and found out he rode everywhere on his motorcycle and in almost every type of weather condition, with the exception of snow and ice.  Geoffrey was also into computers and writing stories about his adventures in Africa when he was a young man, many of which involving motorcycles.  As a raw 28 year-old that was just out of school I was impressed. 

Over the years I learned more about Geoffrey’s life.  He was born in England and flew Spitfires in WW2.  He then spent time in Africa working and exploring, traveling mostly on his motorcycle.  He moved to Canada sometime in the 1960’s and raised a family.  By the time I first met him his wife had passed away and his children were grown and had moved away.  Geoffrey is also one of the happiest people I know.  Every time he’s in my office he’s smiling and always asks how everyone is doing.  He reflects on his life like he’s been blessed and I don’t think I’ve ever heard him complain.

The reason I’m telling you about Geoffrey on The Motorcycle Blog is that in my opinion he is what a true motorcyclist should aspire to be.  Over the years he’s rode BSA’s Norton’s, Triumph’s, Harley’s and Suzuki’s.  Not because they were popular or elevated his image, but because they were what was needed at the time to take him on his adventures.  Geoffrey loved to ride because riding made him feel alive.

Geoffrey had to stop riding when he was 89 years old because he didn’t feel safe, as his balance had become too poor.  I’m sure it wasn't an easy decision for him to make.  Now Geoffrey still wanted to feel the wind in his face so he went out and bought a Smart car with the cabriolet option.

I know Geoffrey still would love to ride because I ride by him every morning on my way to work, when he’s out for his morning walk.  He’s got that “look” as he watches me go by and I’m imagining he’s recalling an adventure he had on the back of a motorcycle.  

I can only hope to have the adventures that Geoffrey had and to ride as long as he did. 

Ride because you love it and ride because it makes you feel alive.

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