Play It Safe! has finally been updated!  In March the hard drive of my Mac died and all the data stored on it was lost, including the program and source for the website.  Now a smart person would have a complete backup of their important information, but not me.  I’m smarter now and have multiple backup sources.

Anyway, like backing up important computer files, a smart motorcyclist will make sure that their motorcycle is in great, not good, working condition.  Keep up with scheduled maintenance, check the pressure in the tires, the tire tread and be on the lookout for any loose bolts.  If the battery of your motorcycle requires regular maintenance, make sure it’s done.  If you’re not comfortable doing this on your own, have your trusted mechanic do the work.  In fact have him put you on a scheduled maintenance program.

Your motorcycle will perform better, last longer and you will be safer.

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