Riding In The Rain

Q:  How does a moron drive when it’s raining?

A:  The exact same way as when it’s not raining.

Riding in the rain is fun if you’re prepared.  Great rain gear, proper tires and practice.

Riding in the rain also requires a rider to be more aware of the cages around them.    

Good and great drivers understand the changes to the driving environment that take place in the rain and adjust their driving to fit the conditions.  They also make sure their cage is shod with the proper tires.  Morons, however, don’t.  Morons drive as if the road is dry and this can lead to problems if you’re not watching out for them.

Don’t be afraid to ride in the rain.  The more you do, the better motorcyclist you’ll become.  Practice, adjust your riding to the conditions and be more aware of those around you.  Remember, rain flushes out the morons on the road and when you spot one, make sure you keep your distance, because they won’t.

Oh, by the way, make sure your tires are in good condition and work on wet roads.  The same goes for your brakes.

Lets Ride!

Gerald Trees

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