RIP Uncle Dave

On January 15, 2010 my Uncle Dave passed away after battling a form of oral cancer for several months. 

Uncle Dave was my mother’s youngest brother and was the one who got me into motorcycles.  I can vividly remember riding in front of him, hanging onto the cross bar of the handlebars, as we rode the dirt roads that covered the hills around the family farm.  He would spend hours taking his son and I on rides at the end of the day.  Uncle Dave, along with my grandfather, was also responsible for purchasing my first motorcycle, a Yellow Yamaha Mini-Enduro.  My cousin, Uncle Dave’s son, got a red Mini-Enduro and together we rode them every chance we go.  According to my grandfather, years later, the motorcycles were the easiest way to get us to do our chores and they kept us out of his way at the same time.  We were never bored!

Uncle Dave was an adventurer at heart.  He loved hunting, guns, good whiskey and things that when fast.  Motorcycles, especially.  Unfortunately some of his vices were partially responsible for his death, but he did live life his way and to the fullest.

RIP Uncle Dave and thanks for being a part of who I am.


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