I think some people take riding motorcycles too seriously.  Don’t get me wrong now; I’m serious about riding my motorcycle.  Serious enough to want to ride in about any condition, except if snow is on the ground.  No, I’m talking about people who take what they ride and how they look while riding too seriously. 

I know people who won’t ride anything but a Harley and there are those who won’t ride anything but a Yamaha.  Forget about motorcycles of a different manufacturer sharing the same garage.  Oh, these same people can also be put out if their favorite motorcycle is discontinued, even if they’re one of the few who actually bought.  I also know people who won’t get out on the road unless everything is clean and they look “just right”. 


Here’s the deal, riding should be serious and should be fun.  Simply put, riding should be about riding and nothing else.  Now if you want different bikes to complement different riding conditions, go for it.  If you’re happy with one machine, that’s fine too.  Personally, I’ll ride just about anything placed in front of me.  I would rather ride then wait for that “perfect” bike.

So, get on your motorcycle, make sure it’s mechanically safe and wear the proper riding gear, of course, and go for a ride.  Enjoy the feeling! 

Lets Ride!

Gerald Trees

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