Summer Time!

Ah Summer!  Sunny, warm and dry.  The perfect riding conditions, right?  Of course it is, well sort of.

Moron Alert!

The weather is warm and dry but the roads are more clogged then someone needing a bypass.  Worse yet, they’re clogged with morons who must have bribed the driving examiner to get their license.  Most of they are easy to spot.  They drive mini vans and SUV’s that are so loaded they can’t see out the back.  They’ve got all their essential “stuff” from home, which is just about every thing they own, and they spend more time watching movies while checking the GPS and talking on the phone then looking out the window.  They’re on vacations damn it, so stay far, far away!

Watch out for that surfboard! 

Summertime brings distractions to the motorcyclist.  You know what I mean, don’t you?  Girls in swim suits, slinky sundresses or Daisy Dukes.  They’re everywhere and believe me, I’m not complaining.  However the scene at the end of Wild Hogs comes to mind, you know the one where they run into the surfboard.  Just make sure you don’t run into the back of something while enjoying the scenery.

Moron Alert Part 2!

Morons also ride motorcycles, sort of.  The average motorcyclist will put more miles on their bikes in a week then the moron will in a year and it shows.  They wobble and bobble down the road and it’s a miracle more of them don’t end up a statistic.  The good news is they don’t usually travel that far from home and if they do the bike is usually on a trailer.


Feel, smell and see the summer.  It’s wonderful and meant to be enjoyed. 

Lets Ride!

Gerald Trees

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