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Lindby Multibar

WindVest on Star Roadliner

WindVest close-up

WindVest rider view

There are two companies that I want to thank for their great products, ease of ordering and fast delivery.

The first is Lindby Customs, Inc.  Lindby makes engine guards, highway bars and the accessories that go with them for just about every make of cruiser out there.  Their website is easy to look through and ordering direct from the site is easy.  They let you know by way of email that the order has been processed, when it was shipped and the tracking number so that you can follow the delivery right to your door.  They produce a great product so check them out at

The second is WindVest.  When I was looking for a windshield for my new Star Roadliner, I wanted something that kicked the air over my head and didn’t take away from the clean look of the naked cruiser too much.  In looking through different options, I came across the WindVest site almost by accident.  After looking at the photos and reading some of the reviews I asked my local dealer to order the product in for me.  Because the mounting brackets for the Roadliner are custom, it took a little longer to get in, but the wait was well worth it.  The product took about 20 minutes to mount and set up but the look was even better then I thought it would be.  Like Lindby Customs, Inc., WindVest makes a product for just about every cruiser out there and they also make replacements for some faring models that direct the air even better then the original.  Check them out at

For the record, I paid in full for each item mentioned.

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