The Motorcycle Gene

Why do some people crave riding motorcycles when most either fear or loathe them?  I’m not talking about the poser who owns a motorcycle that spends more time in the garage or trailer, but about the person who thinks nothing of logging 300 or more miles in a day and becomes grouchy if they can’t ride.

Think about it, even on a perfect riding day there may be 100 or more cages for every motorcycle on the road.  Why will these few risk life and limb to ride a motorcycle and think very little of it?  In fact if you ask, these people will even tell you they feel alive and relaxed even when dodging crazy cage pilots.  Again, why?

In my travels, I’ve found that true motorcycle riders don’t fit any mold, other then their attraction to riding.  While the average person believes that a motorcycle rider has a screw loose, wears leathers and has outlaw tendencies, they couldn’t be more wrong.  At a recent reunion of childhood friends and their parents, who were also childhood friends, it hit me that the need to ride might just be genetic.  I’m not saying that it’s passed down from generation to generation, only that there might be a unique genetic trait; some may say mutation that predisposes one to ride.

At this reunion I found five people from different walks of life who had a passion for riding similar to mine.  We had a preacher, business CEO, doctor, firefighter and a retired rancher who spent more time on a bike then in a car.  A couple grew up riding and the rest got on a bike later in life after always wanting to ride.  In the end all were from different walks of life and life experience, but all shared a love of riding and a passion for motorcycles.  I say again, it’s in the genes.

Motorcycling and motorcycles are exciting, dangerous and something I couldn’t live without.  In my opinion the link between all of us who share the passion of motorcycles is genetic.  We’re all related and are brothers and sisters, no matter who are parents are.  Now if only there was a test for this so we could identify those who were born to ride and get them on a bike.

Lets Ride!

Gerald Trees

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