The Magic of Harley Davidson

Question:  What do dogs and Harley Davidson’s have in common?

Answer:  They both like to ride in pick-up trucks. 

Harley Davidson motorcycles have been the butt of jokes and criticism for years, a few of which are well founded.  Harley’s are expensive and they don’t have the same level of performance as comparable metric motorcycles.  They have also had reliability issues in the past as well.

For those Harley owners and enthusiasts, who are probably nearing the boiling point, this isn’t a “bash Harley” post.  In fact, it’s just the opposite so please keep reading.

With everything Harley Davidson seems to have going against it, the Harley Davidson brand is one of the best known in the industry.  Hell, the Harley brand is well known period!  Harley owners are the most loyal in the motorcycling industry and the Harley Owners Group or HOG has chapters in more the 30 countries around the world. Not too bad for what some say is a second rate motorcycle.

So what’s the magic of Harley Davidson?

This question could be answered with the usual clichés about style, freedom and individuality, however that wouldn’t truly answer the question.  I believe the magic of Harley Davidson lies in emotion. If it were about style, Harley would have been out of business years ago as the “other” manufacturers of cruisers, who have added improvements to performance and reliability, have copied their style.  No, the magic is emotion.  It’s the feeling you get when you see a Harley going down the road.  It’s the feeling you get when you hear the sound the Harley Davidson makes.  And it’s the feeling you get when riding the Harley.  

As a Harley Davidson fan I have looked at, sat on and ridden many different motorcycles and so far none of them have made me feel the same way a Harley Davidson does. I can't explain it, and that's the magic.

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