The Morons Are Wired

Last week I was in Southern California on business and had a free day to work with.  Thanks to the help of Sweetwater Harley Davidson in National City, who hooked me up with a sweet 2009 Road King Classic rental, I used the day to cruise up the Coast Highway from San Diego to Huntington Beach.

I’d just turned onto East Harbor Dr. and was riding north towards the San Diego Convention Center and was in the right lane, minding my own and keeping a close watch of what was around and behind me.  It had been a while since I’d ridden in a major city.  Anyway, the car beside me started to drift over, which gave me only a couple of choices to avoid becoming road kill.  Move over and slow down or move over and speed up.  I chose the latter.  Aggressive has always worked for me so why change now.  Well the wonderful sound of the Harley V-Twin under acceleration along with the horn (Dear Harley Davidson please make the horn louder, like semi-truck loud) got the attention of the two morons in the car and the look on their faces when I came blasting past was priceless.

Once I made sure I had a safe distance between me and the moron mobile, I took a good look in the rearview and started laughing.  These two were wired!  By that I mean both of them had the Star Trek style Bluetooth receiver poking out or their ear.  The driver was watching the GPS unit instead of the road, while his co-pilot appeared to be having a conversation with someone through the Bluetooth and another with someone on a second phone pressed up to his other ear.  He was also holding a map.  Unbelievable! 

Now, I do talk on my phone when I drive and have been know to read a text or two as well, but to do as much as these two were doing while driving is simply moronic.  Besides it looks stupid. 

So watch out for the wired morons out on the road.  Reality only hits them when the hit you.  By the way, if you’re a wired moron, try turning off the phone once and a while, put on some music and just cruise.  Life’s too short not to.

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