The Stop Sign

How could you miss this!

The STOP sign is the most recognizable of all the road signs.   Its only purpose is to keep us alive.

STOP signs are very easy to find.  They’re red and bold and stick out in a crowd.  Intersections are where they’re usually found.

Red and bold with 8 equal sides.  Do what it says and everyone survives.   

Before a license is issued the STOP sign gets respect.  Miss just one and a fail you’ll get.

After a license things begin to change.  The STOP sign’s respect begins to fade.  Even though it’s red and bold, it’s forgotten, not seen or simply ignored.

So when you go riding please be aware, the morons are out there and you better take care.  Even though the STOP sign is red and bold, a moron won’t see it and that can’t be ignored.

While the STOP sign is there to keep us alive, it only works when its word is obeyed.  A moron, however, the sign will ignore and if YOU can’t stop to heaven you’ll go.

So don’t trust a sign to keep you alive.  It can’t stop a moron and neither can you.

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