The Sun Is Shining, Lets Ride!

The sun is shining, your day at work is over and your motorcycle is waiting for you in the parking lot.  What do you do?  You put your helmet on, thumb the starter and listen to the sweet sound of the engine idling.  Now instead of heading directly home, you head out in search of the most indirect way home possible.  Perhaps it’s a road with a view, a road full of turns or an area that you’ve always wanted to see.  It really doesn’t matter you’re riding in the sun.

You’re finally heading home, he sun is setting and whatever stress you were feeling at the end of the workday is gone.  A feeling of relaxation fills your body and your ready for a great evening.

Before bed you check the weather report and see that the sun will be out again.  You go to bed and dream of taking a day trip to anywhere.  The open road is calling! 

Morning has come and you can’t get the dream out of your head.  You call in sick and hit the road.

Now I’m not proposing that you skip work to go riding on a sunny day.  Wait a minute, of course I am!  Life is short and for many of us so are sunny days so get out and live.

Lets Ride!

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