Turn Signals!

OK people, I need you to do something that will make riding safer for all of us.  Please, please, show one person you know where the turn signal is on their car or truck and then teach them how to use it.  Once they get it, have them do the same with one person they know.  Better yet, show as many people as possible! 

Personally, I don’t think some people know about the little lever on the left side of steering column and those that do, don’t know when to use it.  Don’t they teach this in drivers ed anymore?  Come on, it’s not that hard?  Look, signal where you want to go, look again and then go when it’s clear.

Wait, maybe people know about the turn signal but it’s too inconvenient for them to use.  It takes too much time.  It’s faster just to turn without signaling or signal and turn at the same time.  Forget about looking, others will get out of the way if they don’t want to be hit.

Listen, every driver who doesn’t use a signal or who doesn’t use it they way they should, is a danger to a motorcyclist.  As a rider, if you don’t have a clue that a car is turning or coming over you’re going be in big trouble if you’re not able to avoid the car. 

So talk to your friends, hell stop and explain how it’s done to the jackass who just about ran you off the road.  We’ll all be safer for it.

Lets Ride!

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