Why did I start this website “Which Motorcycle For Me”? 

At first it was simply to help you choose a motorcycle that you’ll be happy with and enjoy riding.  This isn’t easy as there are so many nice motorcycles out there and people want different things from their motorcycle.  To make things even more confusing, many of you probably think you know what you want, but once you bring home that “perfect” ride find that it’s really not you at all.  Because of this challenge I’ve been spending way too much time on the enjoying part of riding and not enough on the choosing part because the enjoying part is easy.  Starting now, I’ll spend more time on the choosing part.

So, why do I want to help you choose the right motorcycle?  It’s simple, I love riding and want other riders, or possible riders, to love riding as much as I do and the right motorcycle is a big part of the experience.  If you don’t enjoy your motorcycle, you really won’t enjoy riding and that’s not what I want to see.  Here are a couple of first hand stories to prove my point.


John was a “numbers” guy who wanted nothing but the best.  Unfortunately he didn’t understand the “numbers” for motorcycles and I hate to say neither did the person who sold him his motorcycle.  You see John hadn’t been riding long when he bought his Kawasaki ZX 14.  Something he didn’t bother to tell the salesperson and the salesperson didn’t bother to ask.  All John saw was the horsepower and speed of the big ZX 14 and that’s what he wanted, or so he thought.

I didn’t take John long to find out that this motorcycle was a beast and those “numbers” on a motorcycle are scary, especially for someone with little experience.  In other words he was scared of his motorcycle and really didn’t want to get on it.  He eventually sold it and may never return, which is a shame.


I met Brad at a Toy Run in Canada while waiting for the event to get rolling.  He was the proud owner of a CBR 150.  Now the CBR 150 isn’t available, but was brought into Canada a couple of years ago to get new, younger, riders into motorcycling at a low entry price.  This little bike has the looks, but for me would be very annoying because I like power and lots of it.  Brad, on the other hand, loved his motorcycle and had over 30, 000 km on the bike in two years, including a couple of cross-country adventures.  30,000 km is about 18,000 miles. 

Brad loved the looks, reliability, and fuel mileage and for him the power was perfect.  He did mention he might consider the new CBR 250 so he could take a passenger.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him about my Roadliner 1900.


Bonnie is a 40 something professional who had always wanted to ride but, according to her, was told it was dangerous and not “lady like”.  To make a long story short, Bonnie and a friend took a riding course and she received some good advice what to get for her first motorcycle, a Hyosung GV250.  This little motorcycle has style with manageable power, a perfect choice for a first motorcycle.

Bonnie represents a large segment of the population that the motorcycle industry has ignored, women.  One company, Harley Davidson, has embraced this group and in my opinion will prosper as a result.

Anyway, my reason for being is to help choose the right motorcycle for you, even if tht perfect motorcycle is more then one. 

Lets Ride!

Gerald Trees

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