Wide Open Spaces

OK, first a little geography lesson.  What do The Netherlands and France have in common?  The answer is they share a small, 37 square mile island in the Caribbean.  The island is St. Maarten (Dutch) – St. Martin (French) and it’s about 186 miles east of Puerto Rico. 

Although the island is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean, it has the Official Harley Davidson distributor for the Caribbean, which also has a 10-motorcycle rental fleet, which three friends and myself took advantage of in January.

Now I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and then moved to Vancouver Island in British Columbia 20 years ago and have been exploring the back roads throughout both regions for years.  The Pacific Northwest and British Columbia has some of the best roads for motorcycling anywhere on the planet, with wide, smooth and curvy back roads that have few cars and interesting small town that just beg to be rediscovered.  While I knew that I lived in one of the great riding areas of the world, but didn’t really appreciate it until my friends and I went riding for a day on St. Martin.

St. Martin is beautiful and we had a great time exploring the roads and scenery that this Caribbean paradise holds.  An added bonus was being able to ride in January without waterproof and thermal gear.  However, with only 37 square miles to explore it didn’t take long to tour the island.  In fact in 6 hours we lapped the island twice, stopped a dozen times to take in the view and shoot some photos and have a pizza and beer at a beach front establishment.  I don’t think I got my Street Glide past 3rd gear.

My ride on St. Martin has given me a new appreciation for the Wide Open Spaces that I get to ride in most of the year.  While I may curse the occasional traffic and the wet winter weather from time to time, these are small inconveniences that I would rather put up with then give up roads I still have yet to explore.

If you have wide-open spaces to ride in, consider yourself blessed.  If you don’t, plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest or British Columbia.  You won’t be disappointed. 

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