You Need To Ride It!

2011 Triumph Tiger 800

Go to your local dealer, I don’t care which one.  Now walk inside.  Breath in the smells and gaze at the bright, beautiful and exciting machines.  Now go sit on the one you like the best and imagine cruising down a car-less highway or carving up a mountain road. 

How do you feel? 

Are you ready to buy that motorcycle? 

What would it take to help you make that decision? 

You can imagine all you want how it would feel, but that’s not enough.  Feeling how the bike moves under power, hearing how the engine sounds under acceleration and smelling the scents of the road is what you need.  

You Need To Ride It!

Last weekend I took my Star Roadliner out for it’s first ride of the season and one of the stops was the region’s only Triumph dealer.  I wanted to see the new Tiger 800 as I’m looking to replace my Kawasaki KLR 650 with something that’s got more “zing”.  I didn’t see the bike in the showroom so asked the salesman, who turned out to be the owner, if they had one to look at.  He had me follow him outside to where they had the Tiger parked.  I looked the bike over and then sat on the motorcycle.  I immediately liked the feel of the bike, especially the seat height.  I asked him if Triumph was going to have any demo days to experience the bike.  His response was a pleasant shock.  “I need to take a copy of your license and have you sign a release and you can take it for a ride, OK”.  Perfect!

I’d never experienced a Triumph or the sound of the inline triple and was in for a treat.  From the instant the triple came to life, I liked the bike and once it was underway I was really liking it.  I was told to take the motorcycle out for 20 to 30 minutes to really get familiar with it and was told where to ride to allow the motorcycle to show what it had to offer.  Nice!

Here’s the thing, I want a Tiger 800 and when I do end up buying one it will be from this dealer.  I don’t have to imagine what this bike is like; I know what it’s like.  I know what it feels like, sounds like and how I much fun it is to ride.  

I’ve only bought one motorcycle without riding it first and I got lucky.  If you’re thinking of buying, ride it first.  If the dealer won’t let you, find one who will and deal with them.  They know what riders need. 

Lets Ride!

Gerald Trees

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